Meredith Tate grew up in Concord, New Hampshire, where she discovered Harry Potter and subsequently fell in love with the many worlds of science fiction and fantasy. In college, Meredith began writing her first novel, which is now in a drawer somewhere where it belongs. Pursuing her love of travel, Meredith spent a semester in London and then backpacked in Europe for a month before earning her master’s degree in social work from the University of New Hampshire.¬†After graduation, Meredith worked in the field in Boston for a few years before deciding to pursue her true dream of telling stories. Meredith and her husband spent three wonderful years in St. Louis, Missouri. They recently moved to Zurich, Switzerland as expats. Meredith spends her days eating cheese and chocolate by the lake, and writing stories about characters way braver than she is.

Her debut novel, MISSING PIECES, a new adult dystopian romance about how you can’t choose who you fall in love with, came out in Spring 2015. Meredith’s debut YA, a dark sci-fi thriller called THE FREEDOM TRIALS comes out in fall 2018 through Page Street (distributed by Macmillan)! Find out more under Books!





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I’m a member of the St. Louis Writer’s Guild.

I’m a PAN member of RWA.¬†