8 Terrible Titles

My friend / one of my awesome CPs Molly Dean Stevens challenged me to play #8terribletitles! For the challenge, you have to randomly scroll through your manuscript and, wherever the cursor stops, you have a new (and most likely pretty weird) title for the story. Here were Molly’s #8terribletitles: http://mollydeanstevens.tumblr.com/post/102140372868/8terribletitles

Alright, my turn!

Here are the titles my cursor picked for my WIP YA SF novel.

“Odd request”

“Find the others”

“It clicks shut”

“Evelyn, I’m so sorry”

“In silence”

“They want to break out”

“Behind the wall”

“Some dumb metaphor”

Lolol… #4 is pretty accurate. And #8 cracked me up.

Alright Jamie Howard, wanna play? 😉

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